From: Exit News
Opposition Proposes Mixed Campaign Funding System

During today’s meeting of the Political Council on Electoral Reform the Democratic Party published the opposition’s proposal concerning the campaign financing system.

According to the document released by PD, the opposition has rescinded their initial proposal of a 100% publicly funded electoral campaign system, and is instead putting forth a mixed funding system. The opposition’s main proposals consist in:

  1. Decreasing private funding for electoral spending and increasing public funding.
    Private funds mustn’t exceed 50% of the public funds the entity has received from the State Budget.
  2. Stricter limitations around private donations.
    No entity that has been a state contractor in the last 4 year will be allowed to donate more than ALL 10 million (€80,000). Entities who donate over ALL 10 million will be exempt from being state contractors for 4 years.
  3. Reciprocal inspection of campaign and electoral spending among the competing political parties.
  4. Direct inspection by party experts of financial transactions at second level banks via the General Directory for the Prevention of Money Laundering.
  5. The Central Election Commission (KQZ) ending the term of any candidate or electoral subject, upon the criminal violation of campaign funding provisions.