From: Exit News
Albanian Industry Group Pushes Back Against PM’s Tax Amnesty Proposal

The Confederation of Albanian Industries, Konfindustria Albania, has criticized Prime Minister Rama’s proposed tax amnesty, that would allow Albanians within and outside the country to legally declare and deposit their assets in banks with no fiscal obligations or criminal repercussions, for a limited period.

Konfindustria administrator Gjergj Buxhuku said that the proposed tax amnesty risks affecting honest competition among businesses, further encouraging informality, and endangering the Justice Reform.

Buxhuku stressed that in initiatives like that proposed by the Prime Minister, that aim at legalization of assets, the involvement of partner countries who can oversee the process is necessary. He also insisted on the indispensability of a functioning Constitutional Court “that will create the conditions for a stable, and trustworthy in the long-term, tax amnesty.”