From: Exit News
Government Demolishes Homes in Tirana amid Heavy Police Presence

Today, the National Territory Protection Inspectorate (IKMT) has begun demolishing buildings in the Astir area of Tirana, as part of the controversial Tirana Outer Ring project.

A large number of police officers have surrounded the area in order to prevent residents from resisting the demolition of their homes.

One resident denounced the project as “just a way to steal €20 million,” after lamenting that the residents are unable to resist the police as, during former protests, officers physically assaulted them and used tear gas to disperse crowds.

Reports say that the police have not allowed journalists or cameras on the grounds.

To date, 40 buildings have been razed to make way for the Tirana Outer Ring. The project foresees the demolition of around 200 additional buildings.

IKMT has often used explosives to bring down the buildings, broadcasting videos of the explosions recorded by drones, on social media, accompanied by captions proclaiming “Tirana CAN’T be stopped.”  

The Shqiponja Square project has been modified and opened bids several times after the first winner of the tender bid, DH Albania was found to have forged documents used in its incorporation, making its tender application void.