From: Exit News
Rama Accuses President, Opposition, Media, Ombudsman of Defending Organised Crime

Today, during a parliamentary meeting, Prime Minister Edi Rama accused President Ilir Meta, the opposition, media and Ombudsman of protecting organized crime.

Rama accused them all of uniting to protect those who have killed, “expropriated, blackmailed people and are now supposedly being violated.”

He called opposition MPs “thugs and hypocrites in suits” that have “embarrassed” Albania in the eyes of internationals.

The Prime Minister claimed that the President is promising people a revolution because he is afraid of the ‘new justice’. In a seeming admission that the purpose of the anti-corruption legislation and police operations is to convince the EU that the government is actually fighting crime, Rama said that all this is happening “at a time when we are fighting to open negotiations.”

Though he declared that “the war against corrupt justice is the face of the government,” he claimed that politician vetting could not take place before the Justice Reform, or else “the country would sink into the ground.”