From: Exit News
Basha Proposes Caretaker Government as Part of Electoral Reform

Today, Democratic Party (PD) leader Lulzim Basha officially proposed the establishment of a caretaker government, made up of representatives from the opposition and the ruling majority 100 days before the elections, similar to the one created in North Macedonia.

Other PD propositions regarding the electoral reform included:

  • Political parties and electoral campaigns being funded by the state budget. Private donors will be excluded from public-private partnership bidding for 4 years.
  • Zero tolerance policy for anyone involved in vote buying and selling. Rewards to incentivize reporting instances of electoral fraud. Prison sentences for vote manipulation.
  • Electronic voting and counting.
  • A two-chamber parliament, that would include a Senate whose members would be elected alongside the 140 MPs.
  • Independent vetting of candidates running for MP.