From: Exit News
High Judicial Council Proposes Three Candidates for the High Court

The High Judicial Council (KLGj) has proposed three candidates for the High Court to President Ilir Meta.

Via a press release, KLGj has presented candidates from the fields of administrative law, civil law, and criminal law:

  1. Ervin Pupa, head of Albanian Chamber of Advocacy
  2. Ilir Panda, former Minister of Justice and deputy chair of KLGj’s predecessor, KLD.
  3. Sokol Sadushi, head of the School of Magistrates

KLGj stated that all three candidates had met all the qualifications and were fit to fill three vacancies of the High Court. It added that it is working to open the competition to fill another vacancy.

President Meta has ten days to decree the appointment of the three candidates. Otherwise, in 15 days they are appointed automatically.

In July 2019, KLGj opened the competition to choose three members, not judges, of the High Court. 22 candidates entered.

The appointment of Pupa, Panda, and Sadushi will bring the number of High Court members to four, as its only current member is Ardian Dvorani.