From: Exit Staff
Kosovo Cancels Highway Contract Extension Worth €50 Million with Bechtel-ENKA

Kosovo’s government has cancelled a decision by the previous government that extended the contract with Bechtel-Enka, a private company for more work in the construction of a highway. The cancelled extra works would potentially total €49.6 million.

In a meeting of the Kurti government yesterday, Minister of Infrastructure Lumir Abdixhiku proposed the cancellation of the Haradinaj government’s decision from May 2019 to extend the contract period with Bechtel-Enka for more works in the “Arbën Xhaferri” Highway. Haradinaj said yesterday that his decision did not include costs.

The 60-km-long highway connects Kosovo’s capital Pristina with North Macedonia’s Skopje.

In March 2020, Bechtel-Enka had asked for €49.6 million to connect two towns to the highway and build an overpass.

Abdixhiu argued that the extension of contract last year was done “without tender, competition or bids.”  He thanked the company for the work done with the two highways they have built, and invited them to apply for more government projects in the future.