From: Exit News
Albanian President Urges Government for Emergency Coronavirus Measures

President Ilir Meta has urged the Albanian government to take emergency measures against spread of coronavirus in the country.

In a Facebook post , Meta argued that since the virus continues to spread at alarming speed in neighboring Italy and Greece, countries with which Albania has the most frequent and dense exchanges, the situation calls for measures similar to those taken elsewhere.

The president recalled that he had called for action in a similar way on January 31, when there were only 2 cases of coronavirus in Italy.

“Today the situation is much more aggravated […] 106 countries are affected, while Italy has an extreme aggravation with over 5 061 cases and about 233 deaths. Considering this very serious situation […] the very rapid increase in the number of infected cases in Greece, [and] the occurrence of coronavirus cases elsewhere in the region […] I appeal that the maximum strengthening of preventive measures is urgent.”

Meta suggested the following emergency measures be taken:

  • greater financial commitment by the government;
  • full commitment of academia and medical professionals;
  • establishing red zone restrictions as in Italy
  • 24/7 monitoring of situation

Since January 29, the government has set up a task force made up of 24 health experts, and has committed $1 million for additional medical supplies.

Coronavirus tests for nearly 60 people have resulted negative, according to the Albanian government.