From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Coronavirus: Government Bans Public Activities, Rallies, and Conferences, Enforces Self-Quarantine for At-Risk Travellers

The Minister for Health Ogerta Manastirliu has announced a list of government decisions that they are asking citizens to abide by while Coronavirus is present and a risk in Albania.

  1. Closing public or non-public activities, gatherings, conferences, concerts, rallies, and public hearings until 3 April.
  2. Obligatory self-quarantine for citizens who are travelling from the “red zones” of affected countries.
  3. The health ministry will work to identify and support those who have entered and may be at risk.
  4. Disobeying the orders is punishable by the law on the prevention of infectious diseases.
  5. The exports of medicines and medical equipment are prohibited with the exception of those with special authorisation.
  6. Companions and family members for patients are prohibited from entering the hospital, except when requested by doctors or the hospital directorate. Citizens are required to comply.

She added that ALL 400 million (EUR 3.2 million) will go to supporting the health system to prevent and contain Coronavirus by strengthening stocks of medical equipment.