From: Exit News
Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution Clears Ex–General Prosecutor Llalla of Serious Charges

The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office (SPAK) has charged Albania’s former General Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla only with concealing assets and private interests. The more serious charges of abuse of office and money laundering were dropped.

Today, SPAK announced it has concluded preliminary investigations into Llalla and has decided to charge him with “refusal for declaration, non-declaration, concealment or false declaration of assets, private interests of elected persons and public employees, or of any other person that is legally binding for the declaration.”

Hiding or false declaration of assets, private interests, by the elected persons or of the public employees is punishable by fine or imprisonment up to three years, according to art.257/a of the Criminal Code.

Llalla and US ambassador Donald Lu exchanged allegations against each-other back in 2017 and 2018, and the US State Department barred Lalla and his family from entering the country.

Investigations by Serious Crimes Prosecution started two years ago, in March 2018. Llalla was investigated on suspicions for four criminal charges: hiding of assets, non-declaration of money amounts at the border, abuse of office and money laundering.