From: Exit Staff
(Updated 16:30) All You Need to Know About Albania’s Coronavirus Lockdown

The Albanian government has ordered a 14-day self-quarantine for anyone who has entered Albania from Italy after March 1st. Police are patrolling streets of the main cities and give fines of €5 thousand to violators.

The Government’s advice to everyone else is to stay home unless absolutely necessary and refrain from any kind of social contact.

Exit News is providing below a detailed explanation of all other limitations imposed by the government.

Additional information or inquiries about movement or exiting/entering the country can be addressed to the police information center by calling: 069 412 2223, or 069 412 2224. It is open 24-7.

For health emergencies, you should call 127 and follow instructions. Do not go to the hospital.

For other emergencies, you should call the police at: 129.

Trade and services

All retail activities nationwide are closed through April 3rd.

Pharmacies and grocery stores remain open.

Banks are closed from March 12 until March 16, but ATM machines are in operation. There will be updates on the reopening of banks in due course.


Schools at all levels are closed throughout the country. Ministry of Education has ordered schools to provide online teaching to all k-12 students and has published guidelines on its website.

Public services

All government operations except essential activities are shut down and civil servants are ordered to stay home.

Government’s services to citizens are closed at all offices nationwide but online services continue regularly.

Utility companies are working with reduced staff and are able to provide assistance and emergency support to clients.

All museums, cinemas, and theatres are closed indefinitely as are all public parks throughout the country.

There may be delays sending or receiving mail as customs are working with reduced staff.

International travel

All land borders are closed indefinitely to people to travel.

All maritime boundaries are indefinitely closed to passenger travel, and ferry services between Albania and Greece or Italy are cancelled.

Land and maritime goods transportation continue normally.

Flights to Italy and Greece are cancelled indefinitely. Italian citizens who remain in Albania should contact the Italian Embassy, which is trying to organize a charter flight to extract them.

Austrian Airlines has cancelled flights to and from Albania, Air Albania has cancelled some.

All flights between the UK and Albania have been cancelled.

Flights to all other destinations are running with significant disruption so please check before you depart for the airport.

People that need to get to Rinas Airport for their flights need to receive a special clearance to travel by calling 112 and 129 with their travel details on hand, including their flight details and travel vehicle.

If your visa is about to expire, please contact the police on 112 or 129.

For other issues relating to getting out of Albania, contact your embassy.

It is expected that the EU will close its borders at some time today, follow the news for updates on this situation.

Intercity travel

Travel is banned indefinitely for all types of private vehicles, including public transportation vehicles on these national roads: Tirana-Durres, Shkodra-Lezha, Elbasan-Korça, Lushnje-Fier, and Fier-Vlora road.

The only vehicles allowed to travel are medical vehicles, government cars, specially authorized vehicles, and goods transportation vehicles.

Travelling within cities

Private cars are banned indefinitely in the cities of Tirana, Shkodra, Lezha, Durres, Elbasan, Lushnja, Fier, and Vlora, with some exceptions.

To allow people to get and return from work, private cars are allowed every day between 07:00 and 08:00, and between 16:00 and 17:00. Those wishing to travel must contact the police for permission prior to starting the journey.

Medical, government and goods transportation vehicles can circulate freely at any time.

Specially authorized cars will also be allowed to move at any time: a) private cars of government employees that have to report to work, and b) vehicles used by businesses to transport workers to work sites. Those interested to get such authorization should contact the police at 069 412 2223; 069 412 2224.

Citizens must return inside by 18:00 every night and remain inside until the morning. Failure to do so will result in a penalty. Citizens are also not allowed to congregate in public spaces such as parks, seating areas etc as doing so will incur a fine.

Over 70s have been asked not to leave their homes, other people have been asked not to leave unless they need grocery shopping or to visit a pharmacy.