From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Government Asks Albanians to Stay At Home as this Week will be “the Most Critical”

Deputy Prime Minister Erion Brace has called on Albanians to stay at home to avoid further spreading of Coronavirus.

According to Brace, this week will be the most critical week due to the estimated incubation time of the virus.

“This is the most difficult week; Incubation time coincides with this week and this can result in other infected people who can then infect even more people. So please stay at home. Especially the elderly, children who can transmit it, those suffering from other diseases, which, when combined with Coronavirus can kill. We have chosen to protect life and you must cooperate. Apply the rules and start by staying in your house during the most critical week,” he said.

Today, private vehicles are allowed to circulate only between 8 am and 9 am and then 4 pm and 5 pm to allow those that have to work to do so. Ambulances, police cars, army vehicles, firefighters and the media are also allowed to circulate.

Police are present on the streets to ensure that the rules are enforced.

At the time of writing, there are 170,187 cases of Coronavirus globally with 6,525 deaths. Most deaths have been registered in China, Italy, Iran, and Spain. Some 77,782 have recovered. Almost 6,000 are said to be in a serious or critical situation with a further 79,995 suffering from mild symptoms.

In Albania, there are a total of 42 confirmed cases, three of which are in intensive care. An update on the situation is expected from the Health Ministry sometime after 11 am.