From: Exit Staff
Coalition Partner LDK Set to Bring No Confidence Motion against Kosovo’s Prime Minister

The Democratic League of Kosovo, one of the two parties in Kosovo’s governing coalition, will bring a motion of no confidence against Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

The news was announced by LDK leader Isa Mustafa after a party meeting following today’s decision by Kurti to fire the minister of interior, who at the same time is the deputy leader of LDK.

The Kurti Government came to power about a month ago.

Mustafa listed several disagreements the two allies had faced during this month. He focused on Albin Kurti and his Movement for Self-Determination (LVV) party’s insistence not to lift the tariff on Serbian goods according to the US administration’s request – immediately and unconditionally.

Mustafa said Kurti endangered the country’s relationship with the US, the American military and economic presence in Kosovo, and the US international support.