From: Exit News
Government Limits Coronavirus Testing to People over 65 and the Chronically Ill

Albania will conduct coronavirus testing for people who have had contact with infected patients, people over 65, and the chronically ill.

Others will not be tested even if they are displaying symptoms similar to those of COVID-19.

Prime Minister Edi Rama announced the plan on a live interview on Wednesday. He claimed that this approach is that of the majority of the countries affected by coronavirus.

Rama stressed that even people who test positive for the virus but only display “light symptoms” will not be hospitalized. They will instead be advised to self-quarantine and treat the symptoms as one would a regular flu.

So far, 665 people have been tested in Albania, of which 59 tested positive for COVID-19. The people who were tested had had contact with other infected patients or had displayed symptoms after returning from Italy.

The Prime Minister did not clarify whether the latter group, the recently returned from Italy, will continue to be tested.