From: Bledar Qalliu
Coalition Partner LDK Has Two Demands to Not Trigger Collapse of Kosovo Government

Leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LD) Isa Mustafa has presented two demands to Prime Minister Albin Kurti for LDK not to leave the governing coalition and avoid a no-confidence motion against Kurti.

Mustafa has demanded Kurti to lift the tariffs on Serbian imports, in line with the US administration’s request, and revoke his dismissal of Minister of Interior within this weeks.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti dismissed Interior Minister Agim Veliu, also deputy chair of LDK, citing a statement by the latter in which he disagreed with the government’s stance against declaration of a state of emergency pushed forward by President Thaçi. The government has meanwhile imposed a state of public health emergency. A state of emergency shifts some of the power from the government to the president.

Kurti’s dismissal of the minister made the coalition crisis over tariffs and US pressure to lift them even more visible. The LDK announced they would bring a motion of no confidence against the prime minister, claiming that the dismissal breached the coalition agreement. Mustafa started meetings with opposition parties immediately after to secure votes for ousting Kurti and possibly discussing chances for a new government without having to go to elections.