From: Exit News
Albanian Government Tightens Curfew Restrictions

The Albanian government has changed the curfew hours today, further restricting the time people are free to go out. The new schedule will be implemented starting from Saturday morning.

Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that citizens will be allowed to go out tomorrow from 5am to 1pm. Grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, and government services will also be available during this time only. The same curfew hours will be in place starting from Monday.

From Saturday at 1pm to Monday at 5am, “everything will be closed” in the country’s urban centers, Rama said in his post. Streets will be patrolled by the police and the army, alongside government service vehicles and those associated with media outlets.

On Wednesday, the government imposed an 18-hour a day curfew. People were only allowed to go out from 6am to 10am and 4pm to 6pm. This, however, resulted at times in long lines and overcrowded stores and pharmacies.