From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Schools to Remain Closed Until 3 April

The Minister of Education has announced that schools will remain closed for another two weeks due to the spread of Coronavirus in Albania.

Minister Besa Shahini said that all educational institutions will be affected including public and private at all levels. 

She also made three announcements, the first relating to the streaming of lessons via RTSH, the MASR YouTube channel and the platform. Broadcasts will continue during the additional two weeks and will cover science, maths and linguistics for grades 1-12. The Ministry is looking to include lectures relating to foreign languages, history, and geography as well. 

In terms of national exams, she said that there is no reason to think that they will not go ahead as normal. As students are in daily contact with their teachers and still receiving lectures, “national exams will be held according to the current plan.”

Shahini also said that students will be evaluated on their level of participation as well as the amount of knowledge they have gained during this period.

At the end of the video message, Shahini said that they will be broadcasting as much educational material as possible and are working to digitise more of the syllabus.

“There is no turning back, we just have to push forward as much as possible to realise such projects are for the benefit of improving the quality of education in Albania.”