From: Jona Plumbi
Albanian Government Presents Economic Relief Measures to Deal with Coronavirus Crisis

On Thursday, Prime Minister Edi Rama presented the economic plan to support citizens and businesses to withstand the measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The 3-month financial plan consists in:

— ALL25 billion (about $21.8 million) will go for medical supplies and equipment.

— ALL20 billion (about $17.4 million) will be allocated for humanitarian operations providing food, medications and ital supplies to low-income families and those on welfare.

— ALL10 billion (about $8,7 million) will be put on a reserve fund for Coronavirus related emergencies.

— Government will provide sovereign guarantees up to ALL100 billion (about $87 million) for bank loans to businesses to cover wage bills and other emergency liquidity needs.

— ALL65 billion ($56.6 million) will go to provide cash transfers to businesses for covering wage bills, and needy families that have lost income due to the Coronavirus crisis

The government will waive late utility payment fees for households and small businesses.

It extended the deadline for filing annual taxes to June 1st, from March 31st, and rescheduled profit tax payment for small business to the second half of the year.

No relief was provided to parents who have to go to work but do not have access to childcare, as schools remain closed until April 3, at least.