From: Exit Staff
Update: Ministry Says Fifth Victim Died but Was Then Resuscitated

Update: 11:30

The Ministry of Health has changed the announcement they made previously over the 5th death from Coronavirus. They said that: “The 61-year-old patient reported from the Infectious diseases hospital, suffered a clinical death. but through doctors tremendous efforts, they brought her back to life. But the situation remains extremely serious.”


A 61- year-old has become the fifth person to die from Coronavirus in Albania, the third in 12 hours.

A patient of the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Tirana, it is reported that the individual had been placed on a ventilator but was unable to pull through. The Ministry reported that the person did have other underlying health issues, but it did not specify what these were.

The Ministry expressed their condolences to the family of the victim and called on people to respect social distancing rules.

The fourth victim, announced just over an hour ago, was a 43-year-old with no underlying health issues. The third victim– a 71-year-old with cancer, passed away last night.