From: Exit Staff
Ora News Journalist Threatened by Salillari Employee After Possible Curfew Violation

Ora News journalist Elio Laze has published a video of an employee of the Salillari construction company threatening him yesterday evening.

Ora News were onsite at the Ring Road in Tirana, filming the company carrying out work despite the fact that such activities are currently banned under the mandatory Coronavirus restrictions. As a result of the violation, Laze filmed the workers and approached one for comment.

The employee of Salillari, one of the government’s favored construction companies, responded by being verbally and physically aggressive with the journalist and threatening him.

Ora news stated: “It is unacceptable to allow oligarchs to continue to circulate. At a time when the whole of Albania is in curfew, only the Salillari company is allowed to operate on the New Ring.”

The media company called on the authorities to react as “the threat to the journalist and camera operator is unacceptable.”

Salillari has been awarded some €56 million in Ring Road tenders, bringing their total for all government projects to €120 million in the last three years. Favored by the government and municipality, they are winning bidders for some of Albania’s biggest state projects.