From: Exit News
Western Diplomats Call on Kosovo Politicians to Stop Fighting, Support Government’s Efforts against Covid-19

Embassies of the Quint Member States (France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, and the United States) have urged political leaders in Kosovo to stop fighting and support the Kurti government’s efforts against Coronavirus.

The joint statement comes amidst a deepening crisis in Kosovo. Kurti’s coalition party has brought a motion of no confidence against the prime minister, and today President Thaçi called for civil disobedience against a government decision to impose Coronavirus lockdown.

The Quint countries’ embassies said that all Western countries have taken extraordinary measures to fight the epidemic.

“At this difficult time, we call on all institutional and political leaders to focus on COVID-19 respecting the provisions of the Constitution and the powers that are granted to them through the Constitution. We urge them to preserve and ensure the integrity and functionality of Kosovo’s government and institutions at this critical moment and to prioritize the fight against COVID-19 in Kosovo over politics, noting that our countries have all taken extraordinary measures in this regard,” the full statement read.