From: Exit Staff
Albanian Police Hand Out Fines For Violations of Coronavirus Measures

The Albanian State Police have released data on those found violating the rules imposed by the government to combat the spread of Coronavirus.

One individual who entered Tirana on 11 March and did not self-quarantine, has been fined 700,000 ALL by the police after they were observed on the streets.

They also stated that 65 people had been fined 10,000 ALL for failing to return home by 1 pm. They were found on the streets either on foot or bicycles. One was accompanied to the police station and charged with refusing to follow the order of the police officer that intercepted them.

Additionally, 76 drivers were caught violating the no-driving rule. They have had their licenses revoked. 

Nine shopkeepers were fined 100,000 ALL for staying open outside of the government-mandated hours of 5 am-1 pm.

The police reiterated that all citizens must respect restrictive measures and not move without a good reason, even during the allotted hours. Those in the high-risk category and the elderly are categorically not allowed to leave the apartment.