From: Exit Staff
Coronavirus is a Blessing for Popularity of World Leaders

Fierce warrior and patriotic rhetoric and harsh anti-coronavirus measures are increasing the popularity of many of the world’s leaders.

With the increase in the number of confirmed cases as well as deaths as a result of the virus, people are adopting coronavirus preventive measures that they may have previously had reservations about. Now, these measures are seen as necessary and courageous actions by citizens. Just as packages in support of affected people are giving the perception that governments’ truly care about their people.

As a result, the consent or approval of the work of governments and their leaders is reaching higher levels than prior to the pandemic.


Seven out of ten Italians support Prime Minister Conte, an extremely high number in a country known for its distrust of politics and politicians.

Italian newspapers write, “In times of emergency, the government and Prime Minister Conte’s increased accountability. According to a Demo poll, 71 percent of Italians support the Prime Minister.”


51 percent of French people “trust” President Emmanuel Macron. According to a poll conducted by Harris Interactive for LCI television, the President rose 13 points in a month.

This is the highest result Macron has achieved since January 2018, six months after coming to power with 66 percent of the vote in the second round. Macron’s harsh language against the virus, describing it as “war” and the virus as “enemy” has increased his support amongst citizens.

United States

49 percent of Americans support President Trump. A Gallup poll conducted March 13 – 22 found that 60 percent of Americans support the way the president is handling the Coronavirus situation.

This is the highest approval rating achieved by Trump since winning the election.

United Kingdom

55 percent of Britons support Prime Minister Boris Johnson. A poll conducted by YouGov, following a crackdown by the prime minister against the coronavirus, found that Johnson had risen 20 points compared to December when he won the election.

The majority of the new supporters are those who did not vote for the Conservative Party in the 2019 elections.