From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Albania Coronavirus Update: 8 dead, 186 infected

The Institute of Public Health has announced 12 new cases of Coronavirus in Albania, bringing the total to 186.

102 tests were performed in the last 24 hours, 1246 overall. 

This morning’s press conference was given by the Director of the Institute of Public Health, Albana Fico who confirmed that cases of the virus had been found in the city of Puka.

“Following the daily communication with you, we are pleased to announce our ongoing field work in identifying new cases and tracking positive confirmed case contacts. Epidemiologists in every local health care unit from north to south are in the field and are doing a tremendous job of identifying contacts in a timely manner after verifying suspected cases.”

To date there have been eight deaths. Two patients died in the last 24 hours- an 85-year-old man from Tirana this morning and a 66-year-old-man from Fier last night. The Ministry expressed condolences to the families of the deceased in this difficult time.

Out of all the confirmed cases, 77 are hospitalised and five are in intensive care. The rest are at home, self-isolated and in a stable condition. Amongst those at home are four children, under the ages of 14. All are said to be asymptomatic.

The geographical distribution of positive cases is as follows: Tirana (107), Durres (11), Lushnje (4), Elbasan (5), Fier (20), Kavaja (4), Korca (12), Vlora (5), Shkodra (4), Lezha (4), Berat (1), Has (2), Kruja (1), Tropoja (2), Puka (2).

So far, 31 cases have been cured including one doctor and one nurse.

Once again, the Ministry asks people not to go to the hospital if they feel ill and to call 127 instead. There is also a freephone number, 08004040 that is available to those that need information, want to contact their  family doctor, or have questions about Coronavirus.