From: Exit News
Albania Restricts Movement Even More amid Coronavirus Crackdown

Today the government announced yet another restricting measure intended to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Starting from Monday, March 30, only one person per family will be allowed out to do grocery shopping or run errands for one hour a day. To do so, they will have to apply for a permit online.

Citizens may apply via text message (55 155), where they can send their ID card number and the preferred time run errands. They will get the permit on their phones withing 24 hours, which can then be shown to police if needed.

Another way is to get the permit by downloading the e-Albania app or going to the website,  open an account and apply under “Leje per dalje” (Permit to go out). The permit will be issued immediately.

In both cases, be it phone or e-Albania platform, people will need an Albanian ID. So far, the government has not clarified procedures for foreigners living in Albania, or if they need a permit at all.

Persons that have this permit will be the only ones allowed out, for one hour each day, and only during the time between 5am and 1pm, from Monday to Saturday.

Meanwhile, no movement or business activity will be allowed from Saturday at 1pm to Monday at 5am.