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Global Coronavirus Cases Exceed 500,000, USA Leads the Way with over 85,000

The USA has overtaken China with the most cases of Coronavirus, according to the latest figures.

Some 85,594 cases have been registered, surpassing China with 81.340 and Italy with 80,589. Other countries with high numbers of cases include Spain with 57,786, Germany with 43,938, ran with 29,406 and France with 29,115.

In terms of recovery, China leads the way with 74,588, followed by Iran with 10,457 and Italy with 10,361. The USA, while having the highest number of cases, only has 1,868 reported recoveries so far as well as 2,122 patients in a critical condition.

The highest death toll is that of Italy with over 8,000, followed by Spain with 4,365, China with 3,292  and Iran with over 2,200. The USA has amassed 1,300 deaths at the time of writing.

Italy and Spain have the highest number of deaths per 1 million of the population with 136 and 93 respectively. Switzerland has the highest number of cases per 1 million of the population at 1,365.

The global total of cases this morning stands at 532,926 with 24,093 deaths and 124,387 recoveries. There are a total of 19,655 patients in a critical condition.

In Albania there are 174 cases, 17 recoveries, three in a critical condition and there have been seven deaths. The total cases per 1 million of the population is 60.

Health Minister Ogerta Manastirliu yesterday announced that a further 10,000 tests were coming to Albania from the World Health Organisation.

An update on the number of cases in the country is expected from the Ministry at around 11am.