From: Exit News
Turkey Cancels All International Flights

Turkey has cancelled all international flights in an attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus. A travel ban on 30 cities was also imposed, including Istanbul and Ankara, and domestic flights will be subject to permission from local authorities.

“All international flights have been suspended for an indefinite period,” President Reccep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Friday.

“We have entered a new period where we need to make more sacrifices,” he said. “We won’t fall into inaction nor panic.”

The Turkish government has ordered businesses to minimize their staff, it has closed down schools, universities, cafes, mosques and churches, and sporting events. Those aged 65 and over and those with chronic illnesses have been ordered to stay home.

As of Friday, 92 people had died in Turkey and 5,698 were confirmed being infected with Covid-19.