From: Exit News
Government Launches €7 Million Construction Tenders despite Claiming Limited Funds to Fight Coronavirus

On March 27, the Rama government opened the call for bids for four tenders worth a combined €7 million intended for the “urban rehabilitation” of city squares in Burrel, Kamza, Kavaja, and Fier.

The tenders come at a time when the country is facing the coronavirus crisis, whose economic effects are already being felt, and are expected to increase as there is still no end to the crisis in sight.

Government measures to support citizens and businesses during the crises were deemed insufficient by the opposition.

They called for the cancellation of the new tenders, as well as any other ones that do not directly concern the  people’s current priorities: healthcare, aid for families in need, and wages for workers of businesses who have been forced to close up shop as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The government also launched calls for bids for €76 million worth in tenders for earthquake reconstruction less than two weeks ago, amidst the coronavirus epidemic. The rushed and questionable procedure failed to attract any suitable bidders, and the government immediately launched it without reviewing it.