From: Exit Staff
Government Repatriates Albanians from Switzerland and France

The 237 Albanian citizens who remained in Switzerland and France returned to Albania on Monday evening via Air Albania. The airline is only operating to return stranded citizens that are unable to remain where they are due to economic or other issues.

121 citizens were repatriated from Switzerland and 116 from France. There are reported to be hundreds of other Albanians waiting to return from Austria, Sweden, Italy, Greece, and the UK.

On March 27, Prime Minister Rama announced that the government had arranged the return of Albanians who were stranded, free of charge, through Air Albania.

Rama asked citizens trapped in these countries to contact Albanian consulates and embassies in states where they were, to register their names. Listing is currently completed and flights are being organized.

All returning citizens will remain in their homes for 14 days in isolation.

Land, sea, and air borders remain closed for citizens, residents, and other travelers.