From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Albanian Chef Facilitates Support for Local Farmers during Coronavirus Lockdown

Altin Prenga, the man behind Mrizi i Zanave agritourism destination in Fishte, North Albania is working on a solution to continue supporting local farmers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The chef, entrepreneur and slow-food activist has been facilitating the delivery of fresh, seasonal produce to customers in an effort to keep local farmers in business. While the country is under a nationwide shutdown, many farmers are feeling the pinch as their access to customers is restricted. Furthermore, Mrizi i Zanave, one of the country’s most famous restaurants is also closed, meaning they are unable to sell their products there.

Prenga has been distributing food orders including vegetables, fruit, artisanal foodstuffs, meat and dairy to those who are unable to leave their homes. He has delivered to 55 families in Tirana and 10 in the local area in Lezhe County.

By distributing the products for purchase by those stuck at home, farmers in rural Albania are able to maintain an income during these difficult times.