From: Exit Staff
Albanian Prime Minister Says Some Restrictions Could Be Relaxed Next Week

Despite the announcement that restrictions would remain in place indefinitely in Albania, Prime Minister Edi Rama has also given a glimmer of hope for those stuck at home.

During one of his latest monologues streamed on Facebook, Rama said that the government is considering easing bans on movement as early as next week. This decision will be taken depending on the number of those infected.

“I don’t want to get you excited ahead of time but we are detailing a plan to ease the measures that will be put into effect as soon as the curve begins to descend. We are studying some movement relief starting slowly next week if the numbers allow us to consider it,” he said.

Rama added that by mid-April we will expect the worst of the situation to have passed as a jump in numbers is expected in the coming days. He said that people must remain vigilant and not be tired and bored.

Concerns were raised yesterday over the indefinite extension of the restrictions on movement, businesses, and socialising.