From: Exit News
Opposition Urges Government to Ramp Up Testing for Covid-19

Opposition leader Lulzim Basha has urged the government to ramp up testing of population for Covid-19, as the most effective way to prevent the spread of the virus.

“Testing is the most successful way to apply today to identify those infected with Covid-19 and break the infection chain,” Basha wrote in a Facebook post.

He called on the government to tell the public the real situation on the number of people infected and the conditions of laboratories doing the tests.

On Friday, Basha said people showing clear symptoms of coronavirus had been refused to be tested, adding that the number of those infected throughout the country is much higher than what the government has reported.

2396 people have been tested so far in Albania, with 20 deaths 361 confirmed cases. Since the first case was reported in March 9, Albania has tested about 90 people per day on an average.

The number of test per one million people puts Albania at the end of the Balkan countries’ list.

The government has focused its strategy to contain the spread of the virus on restricting movement of people, quarantine and social distancing. It has limited testing only to people over 65, the chronically ill, and those who have had contact with infected patients.