From: Exit News
President Meta Demands Respect for Rights of Albanians Denied Entry in the Country

President Ilir Meta has called on the government to find a solution for tens of Albanians stranded at two border checkpoints in south, whom the Albanian police denies entry in the country based on government restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Meta also urged citizens to comply with government orders:

“I call on all Albanian citizens to respect the conditions of urgency and necessity imposed by the pandemic of Covid-19 at our border crossings and at the same time I ask our responsible authorities to respect, not only the requirements of the situation of natural disaster, but also the constitutional and international obligations that the state has towards its citizens in such a situation.”

The coronavirus preventative measures that closed the border with Greece has left dozens of Albanian emigrants who seek to return home, stranded and with no solution in sight.

Greece has allowed them to pass the border but they have been denied entry by their own country.

They issue became evident on Thursday, when dozens of emigrants protested at Kakavija check point. The media have reported that the cold weather has exacerbated the situation for them, as well as for dozens others stranded at the Kapshtica check point.

Prime Minister Edi Rama has asked Albanians not to travel home, but a paralyzed economy means that many emigrants cannot afford to stay in Greece.

“This situation must be resolved immediately,” President Meta stated today.