From: Exit News
Albanian Government Plans to Ease Curfew Restrictions Imminently

The government has announced new changes to the preventative measures to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Starting from next week, some restrictions may be eased, depending on the results of measures during this week.

Prime Minister Edi Rama announced the government will extend the amount of time people are allowed to be outside every day, from an hour to 90 minutes. The circulation timeframe, which is now from 5am to 1pm, is also expected to be extended.

People will be allowed to use their personal vehicles to travel to work or to do shopping but taxis will continue to be banned.

The government is also considering lifting the ban on service businesses, with the exception of bars, restaurants, and gyms.

However, the Prime Minister also warned that penalties for violating existing restrictions will become harsher. Having unauthorized persons or elderly people in one’s car will be punished with taking away one’s license, confiscating their vehicle, and prison for the driver.

Additionally, the punishment for businesses who have been ordered to cease their activity will include jail sentences and confiscation of their goods and vehicles.