From: Exit Staff
Complaint Filed in SPAK Against Defence Minister for Corruption over Food Tenders

The Democratic Party announced on Sunday that it had reported Defense Minister Olta Xhacka, members of the Bid Evaluation Commission and companies Eurovia and Xpert Systems to the Special Anti-Corruption Structure (SPAK).

The report was made regarding alleged abuses related to the 1.5m-euro tender for the supply of food to state reserves.

In a statement distributed to the media, PD accused them of active and passive corruption, abuse of office and violation of equality in tenders.

The PD said that the companies that won the tender, Eurovia and Xpert Systems were chosen “in conditions where none of them are specialised” and said they had “increased the scope of their activity only a few days before the opening of the tender.”

Since the end of March, the opposition has been accusing the government of using emergency procedures to award a pre-arranged tender to Eurovia, a subsidiary of a North Macedonian company.

On April 2, Defense Minister Xhaçka denied opposition allegations of tender abuse, stressing that everything was done in accordance with the law.

Xhaçka had invited the PD to address any allegations to the prosecution. Three days later, the opposition followed up on the accusations with a report to the SPAK.

The DP says the two companies do not meet the legal criteria for a similar food supply experience in the last three years. Also suspicious is the fact that six days before the opening of the competition, the company Eurovia added to its activities the trade of food products.