From: Exit Staff
Italy Reports Lowest Death Toll in Four Weeks

On Sunday, Italy reported the lowest death toll from Covid-19 in four weeks. A significant decrease in new cases of infection was also reported.

Italian health authorities said that in 24 hours there were 525 victims bringing the total to 15,887 dead. This is the lowest number of coronavirus victims in Italy reported since March 19.

The director of Civil Emergencies said that “the data is facilitative, but should not affect the reduction of preventive measures.”

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte also added that the data is showing that it is moving in the right direction. 

In total 691,461 people have been tested, 128,948 of whom have been diagnosed with Covid-19. Some 21,815 have recovered, 28,949 remain hospitalized, and another 3,977 are in intensive care

Exit News has previously reported that half of the victims in Italy are over 80 years old, however the high mortality rate of 12.8 percent among those infected remains worrying.

Worldwide, more than 1.2 million people are infected, of whom more than 65,000 have died – 5.4 percent.