From: Exit Staff
Municipality of Tirana Sprays Shoppers with Disinfectant in Kombinat

The Municipality of Tirana has installed a disinfection tunnel at the entrance of the Kombinat market.

As of today, the tunnel is operational. Those wishing to enter the market must pass through the device while being sprayed with disinfectant. While queueing to enter, signs are in place ensuring people remain at least one metre apart.

Additionally, no one is allowed to enter the market unless they are wearing a mask and gloves. A police checkpoint at the entrance is monitoring the implementation of measures.

The precautions have been taken following a large influx of shoppers last week that failed to adhere to social distancing requirements.

Prime Minister Edi Rama said he would use the police and the army to enforce order among irresponsible citizens. He added that anyone failing to implement the measures would be heavily fined.

In an interview with News24, Chief Firefighter Luan Shehu reassured the public that the chemicals used are not dangerous to humans.

“Disinfection is 100% safe, this has been done in buildings where people affected by COVID-19 have been identified. The use of these chemical elements does not cause health problems, we would not use it if it were so,” he said.