From: Exit Staff
State Police Issue Over 200 Penalties for Curfew Violations

Over the weekend, 49 drivers were caught violating the traffic ban and were punished by having their licenses revoked. 

Another driver in Tirana was arrested for drunk driving while having the permit to move.

In addition to this, police fined 154 citizens ALL 10,000 for moving on food or bicycle without a permit or an emergency. Another individual was fined ALL 20,000 and had their vehicle impounded for three months for not respecting the order of restricting movement in open parks, green areas and public spaces.

Four shops were found to have not adhered to the closing schedule and administrative measures have been taken against them.

The State Police reminded people that anyone wishing to go out must obtain the permit to do so. Senior citizens are categorically not allowed to leave their apartments. Furthermore, jogging, a walk, or any other sports activity is not allowed at the present time.

Those that need to travel for work on foot are allowed to do so as long as they have the ID card and proof of employment.