From: Exit Staff
Opposition Accuses Government of Concealing the Extent of Covid-19 Epidemic in Albania

Leader of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha has accused the government of not being transparent with the true number of those infected with coronavirus.

Speaking with journalist Ilva Tare on Euronews last night, Basha said he had “acquaintances” who had suffered from Covid-19 and died of it, or complications from it but that these had not been declared. He said that the figures presented to the public are not reflecting the real picture.

Basha called for cooperation between local and central government and called for more transparency, adding that the public need to know the real extent of cases and testing. 

He also claimed that many of those who had been tested were Socialist Party politicians and their families. 

Basha reiterated his call for more testing to be done, noting that Albania has the lowest testing rate in the Balkans and Europe.

“We don’t have enough tests, I have asked the EU and its partners for help,” he said.

However, the government and the committee of experts overseeing the coronavirus outbreak maintain that their strategy is based on WHO guidelines, it has proved successful in bringing the pandemic under control in Albania, and there is not need to expand testing.

Testing is limited to people over 65, the chronically ill, and those who have had contact with infected patients, excluding other who may display symptoms similar to those of Covid-19.

Albania has reported 22 dead and 409 infected people to date. Prime Minister Edi Rama has announced that some restrictive measures will be eased starting from next week.