From: Exit News
Albanian President Suggests to Parliament to Modify Changes in Criminal Code

President Ilir Meta has asked the parliament to lower sentences for violators of quarantine and to abide by the European Convention on Human Rights.

Today, the Albanian parliament is expected to vote on Criminal Code changes regarding violations of the coronavirus preventative restrictions taken by the government.

Meta sent a letter to the parliament, demanding that the new Criminal Code provisions be clear and not infringe on the principle of legal certainty. He stressed that subjects mustn’t be criminally prosecuted if they haven’t been first prosecuted administratively.

Meta also sent a modified draft of the proposed changes to the parliament, proposing milder sentences, including prison sentences, for violators than those proposed by the government.

Today, parliament is holding an extraordinary session during which 21 legal initiatives are expected to be voted on, including changes in the Criminal Code, budget review for 2020, coronavirus preventative measures, and two of President Meta’s decrees via which he has vetoed several laws passed by the parliament.