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Albanian MP Denounces Criminal Code Changes for Quarantine Violators as Unconstitutional

Rudina Hajdari, the head of the Albanian parliamentary opposition, has shared with US Ambassador Yuri Kim her concerns about the unconstitutional changes to the Criminal Code.

Kënaqësi të bashkëbisedoja nëpërmjet video-konferencës me Ambasadoren amerikane Znj. Yuri Kim, mbi situatën e tanishme…

Gepostet von Rudina Hajdari am Mittwoch, 15. April 2020

“I also expressed my concern about the emergency situation by COVID-19, on the amendments to the Criminal Code, which are unnecessary and I especially mentioned the fact that these changes violate the Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights,” wrote Hajdari on Facebook.

She also discussed with the ambassador the coronavirus crisis and thanked him for the help that the United States is giving to our country:

“I took the opportunity to thank the Ambassador for her contribution to the United States, with personal protective equipment for health workers on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.”

Last week, the government proposed to Parliament to change the Criminal Code, to include prison sentences up to 15 years for violators of quarantine. The proposal was slammed by a group of 30 human rights organizations for being inhumane, disproportionate and in violation of individual rights and freedom. The Albanian president also warned that disproportionate sentences would be unconstitutional.

The Legal Affairs Committee brought some changes to the original proposal, which were also deemed unconstitutional by the Albanian Ombudsman.