From: Exit News
International Press Institute Condemns Cyber-Attack against Exit News

The International Press Institute (IPI) has condemned the cyber-attack against Exit News aimed at deleting its archive of articles.

In a press release on Friday, IPI called on Albanian authorities to investigate the cyber-attack.

The Wednesday attack, April 15, took down Exit’s website for several hours. Anyone trying to access the site was redirected to various spam sites that prompted warnings of “unsafe content”.

Exit News’ webmaster was able to gain back full control of the site within 24 hours. The IT team found that the attack was directed to the platform’s archive of articles and attempted to delete it. They managed to stop the attack, nothing was lost and the site is now back as before.

“This brazen attempt to delete content for Exit Albania’s website is a direct attack against the outlet and its reporting”, Oliver Money-Kyrle, IPI Head of Europe Advocacy and Programmes said.