From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Italy to Launch Coronavirus Tracking App

Similar to North Macedonia, Italy is also set to launch an app that will track people infected with Coronavirus.

The “Immuni” app has been commissioned by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and will be rolled out firstly in the west of the country, before going live nationwide.

Minister of innovation Paola Pisano said “The application for contact tracking doesn’t use geolocation, but rather the reconstruction of any contact between people.”

The app will record proximity signals between devices via Bluetooth and WiFi. If a user proves positive for COVID-19 an alert will be sent via the app to anyone that has come into contact with that person during the previous days. All data remains anonymous and once collected, it is not distributed. 

 Pisano said that while the app may reduce the chances of infection, it is not the solution to the problem.

Experts have said that 60% of the population would need to download the app and use it to achieve so-called “digital herd immunity”.