From: Exit News
Albania Sends 60 More Nurses to Italy to Aid in Fight against Coronavirus

60 more Albanian doctors and nurses left today for Italy, to aid the country in its fight against COVID-19.

They will land in Rome and then be sent to the hospitals that need them most.

Albania has the third highest number of medical staff sent to help Italy during the coronavirus pandemic. China has pledged to send 300 doctors and nurses, Cuba sent 52, Libya has pledged 30, Norway sent 19, Poland 15, Romania 18, Russia 120, Tunisia 7, and Ukraine 20.

Over 500,000 Albanians have settled in Italy in the last 30 years, which is about 20 percent of the current population of Albania.

One of the nurses told Ora News that she had voluntarily applied to be sent to Italy, following the Ministry of Health’s call to arms against the coronavirus pandemic.

EU Ambassador to Albania Luigi Soreca said that the solidarity shown by Albania is a core value of the European Union.

The EU leaders endorsed opening accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia in late March. Albania is expected to start negotiations in practice once it makes progress in several specific issues.

On March 28, the government sent 30 Albanian doctors and nurses to the northern regions of Italy that were hit hardest by the coronavirus.

This was in response to Italy’s call for help in medical staff and equipment. The Italian government welcomed the decision to send the doctors an nurses, while many in Italy have contrasted it with the alleged lack of adequate help to Italy by the European Union.