From: Exit Staff
Italy to Reopen After COVID-19 Lockdown From 4 May

Italian Prime Minister Conte announced the reopening of the country’s economy on May 4. Shops, bars, restaurants and beaches will open on Monday. The news was reported by the Italian newspaper La Stampa .

Ciampino Airport in Rome and Peretola in Florence will also open. The decision was made after the fall of the infection curve.

The Italian plan for opening the country is:

  • On buses, subways and trains, those travelling must leave an empty seat between them. Only a small number of standing passengers will be allowed.
  • No more than 4 customers per 10 square meters will be allowed in speciality stores.
  • Only one client will be allowed in the hairdresser, with a prior appointment, and of course with masks and gloves.
  • The beaches will be opened under strict security measures, placing tents and seats at a distance of 2 meters.
  • It will not be allowed to move outside the city. Children and the elderly will go out according to certain schedules.

A new control system for Covid-19 will also be tested at the two airports that will be opened.

The preventive measures that will continue to be in force are the mandatory wearing of the mask in public and closed places, as well as the tracking of citizens through a mobile phone application.