From: Exit News
Albanian President Signs Law Waiving Fines for Breaking Coronavirus Preventative Regulations

Today, Albanian President Ilir Meta decreed the law that waives fines given by the police for violating coronavirus preventative measures before April 17.

All fines issued before April 17 are waived and those who have paid their fines will be refunded.

From March 17, when the government set the coronavirus preventative restrictions in place, up to April 17, 7343 pedestrians were fined. 7295 were fined 10,000 ALL and the remaining 48 were fined 20,000 ALL.

In total, the police issued a total of over 74 million ALL worth of fines (€600,000) to pedestrians.

If one takes into account the 293 businesses that were fined for not suspending their activities, the 13 people that were fined for breaking quarantine, and one person who entered a hospital without a permit, the grand total in fines amounts to 112 million ALL (€917,000).

From now on, violations of the coronavirus preventative measures will be fined and punished according to the new changes made to the country’s Criminal Code.