From: Exit Staff
Female Protestor Speaks Out about Injuries Incurred from Police during Protest

Ira Kurti, who was amongst those violently removed from Skanderbeg Square at the weekend for taking part in a socially distanced protest, has spoken publicly about her ordeal.

On the “360 Degrees” TV show on RTV Ora last night, she described how the police grabbed her and dragged her, causing injuries.

“The police grabbed me by the arm. I didn’t like it…my knees were cut…it was so hard. But I was not afraid, I am not a hero, people like me have endured this for 30 years,” she said.

She explained that after her knees were cut, she was dragged, and when they moved her to the car, they dug their nails into her throat. Kurti told one of the officers “what are you doing, I could be your mother”, but they replied, “I would be ashamed to be your child.”

Kurti explained that she was in physical pain and was shocked at their behaviour because they are supposed to be there to protect the citizens.

“I can take off my jacket and show that I have wounds on my body-I hope I don’t have internal damage.”

At this point, Kurti broke down and said that there needs to be more respect for Albanian women.

“In our society, we have a lot of violence that needs to change,” she said.