EU Envoy and Kosovo’s Speaker of Parliament Discuss Resuming Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue

EU Special Representative Miroslav Lajcak and Kosovo’s Speaker of Parliament Vjosa Osmani have discussed preparations for resuming the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue as soon as possible.

Their phone conversation was announced by Lajcak in a tweet on Wednesday:

Osmani is one of the many senior politicians in Kosovo that are against a land swap deal with between Kosovo and Serbia.

Last week, the EU chief diplomat Josep Borrell suggested that the EU would accept such a deal if both countries agreed on it.

Osmani was quick to react against Borrell’s statement. “I call on all international actors to refrain from legitimizing backward ideas in the process of dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. Any proposed solution that doesn’t have a strong basis in the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Kosovo will be rejected decisively by our people,” she tweeted.

In a surprising move, Lajcak also contradicted his boss by stating that the issue is not and should not be part of the dialogue agenda.

Presidents of Kosovo and Serbia have been accused of having secretly negotiated a land swap deal for the last two years and of having agreed on it in principle.