From: Exit News
Alliance for the Protection of the Theatre Sues Engineers Who Deemed Building Unsuitable

The Alliance for the Protection of the National Theatre (AMTK) has sued three Institute of Construction engineers who authored the expertise report for the demolition of the National Theatre for abusing their duty.

In a press conference, the civil society group said that the expertise given by the engineers is based on falsified documentation. Three out of five of the engineers who drafted the report have never surveyed the state of the National Theatre building in person, the group alleged.

The expertise document drafted by the Institute of Construction was drafted only one day before, on May 13, and states the building is not suitable for carrying out activities and that regardless of any renovations, it cannot be made safe. 

This document served as the basis for the Tirana municipal council to secretly approve the decision to demolish the National Theatre, part of Europa Nostra’s 7 Most Endangered cultural sites in 2020. Both Europa Nostra and the European Commissioner for Culture have spoken out against this decision.