From: Exit News
Albania Welcomes International Day Against Homophobia Despite Government Inaction

The diplomatic missions of 40 countries, including Albania, have put out a statement welcoming May 17 as the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

The statement expresses their commitment to promoting and protecting LGBTI rights and addressing laws that criminalize homosexuality in 70 countries. It also pays homage to advocacy efforts on the part of activists, journalists, human rights defenders, and civil society organisations whose work has raised awareness of LGBTI issues and the particular difficulties the community faced during the coronavirus pandemic.

In Albania, a number of LGBT individuals who are forced to work in the informal economy have found themselves struggling due to lockdown measures. Local NGOs including Aleanca have stepped in to provide support and food parcels to a number of members of the community.

Though Albania is one of the signatories, the current government has done little concrete work to address homophobia and anti-LGBTI discrimination.